This is the reason TV’s from 2014, 2015, and now 2016 are diving in cost: 4K has emerged and is now being widely-adopted. All Samsung 2016 TV’s will be HDR consistent (this one included).  With the cost of TVs diving as 4K technology becomes more widely adopted, we see some great 4KTVs emerge such as the Samsung UN40KU6300 40-inch 4KTV.  We spent hours researching and reviewing this 4K TV ourselves, so here is our Samsung UN40KU6300 Review for you to use in your 4K TV-buying journey:

Samsung UN40ku6300 Review + Tricks & Tips
In-Depth Samsung UN40KU6300 Review & Tips: Read On!

Samsung UN40KU6300 Review (Overview)

Summary:  The Samsung UN40KU6300 review we conducted shows that this is a nice 4K TV set for the cash.

  • 1080p video content looks great on this thing
  • 4K content looks amazing on this TV
  • Great if you need a mid-size TV for your living room, Home Office, or anywhere really – and you need it to be 4K.

In-Depth Review:

All things considered I’m content with this TV at the cost. It might not have all the additional extravagant settings that different models may have yet for 90% of the populace (videophile’s aside) this TV is all that could possibly be needed for regular needs. Simply need to sit tight at the cost to drop on the new Samsung UBD-K8500 HDR blu-beam and this set will have the consul partner!  During the entirety of our Samsung UN40KU6300 Review, we noticed that the picture quality is amazing in general.

Picture Quality

Picture quality with certain Amazon Video UHD motion pictures is inconceivable alongside brandishing occasions. We are gushing with Sling with the Amazon Fire Stick and the nature of picture is awesome alongside movement rate.

  • Both 4K content and 1080P content look amazing on this Samsung 4K HDTV.

4K YouTube Video on this TV: Awesome

The 4k Youtube video clips & movies are taking my breath away. It’s really that great. Adoring the remote and interface as well. So far utilizing the worked as a part of APPS has been incredible – no log jam like I’ve seen in past TV’s.

Samsung UN40KU6300 vs. Other 4K TVs

So far this one appear to be the absolute best 4K TV for the money (in the 40 to 50-inch range, or $400 – $800 range).

So far I’ve been blown away. This is making me consider offering my 27 inch G-Sync screen I just purchased a couple of months back. Here’s the thing, 4K looks astounding – obviously. What I was not expecting is how much better 1080p substance looks on this thing. Recreations look preferred @ 1080p on this over at 1440p on my G-sync.

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Samsung UN40KU6300 Remote Pairing Tips

To get started with your new TV, you have to pair your remote to the TV.

How to Pair Samsung UN40KU6300 Remote

Pair the remote by setting the TV (connecting to/driving on) up first then putting in the batteries for the remote and it will auto-associate. On the off chance that you (like me) place the batteries in before you set the TV up then you can adjust them by squeezing return and play/stop catches for 3 seconds. You then combine the majority of your gadgets so that your remote works with them, notwithstanding, I find that I lean toward my X1 remote since I can utilize page up/down, games application, recordings ect. It’s simply more advantageous VS. the Samsung remote.

Best Samsung UN40KU6300 Settings

As we created this Samsung UN40KU6300 review, we discovered some the best picture settings to go with:

Picture Mode: Natural

Sound Mode: Movie

Picture Size 16:9 Standard

Samsung UN40KU6300 Picture settings under Expert settings mode:

  • Backlight- 25
  • Brightness- 40
  • Contrast- 90
  • Sharpness- 50
  • Color- 50
  • Tint- 55
  • Dig Clean View – Automatic
  • Auto Motion Plus – Auto
  • Dynamic Contrast – Medium
  • Color Tone – Standard

Samsung UN40KU6300 Sound Settings

Sound settings should be changed in accordance with “movie” or “music” setting to get pleasant sound. I lean toward the motion picture setting.

Note: If you change your photo settings to unique review mode “games” or “amusement”, it will influence your sound settings so make sure to kill that mode when not seeing games or playing diversions. Likewise in your sound settings under “expert” level settings you’ll discover a setting called “Auto Volume” that ought to be set to Normal / STD.

Samsung UN40KU6300 WiFi Review

The integrated WiFi works awesome and all the applications are smart and function admirably. You can go to youtube and seek 4K video and see what an extraordinary picture this set is able to do. It is likewise HDR-10 skilled keeping in mind there is very little substance accessible there will be in the coming years.

Samsung UN40KU6300 Stand

The stand is a decent and strong one-piece, which makes it simple to discover a stand for, vs. the twofold leg stands that require additional long TV stands to set upon.

Energy Efficiency

Samsung un40ku6300 Review & Energy efficiency
Samsung UN40KU6300 Review: Maximum Energy Efficiency vs. Other TVs

The Samsung 40KU6300 40 inch 4K TV costs X per year to operate.  This is low!

Note About Amazon Instant Video on Samsung UN40KU6300

Amazon Instant streaming video is not officially supported for this 2016 model TV as per Amazon client administration.

Instead, we recommend you use Netflix or Kodi.

Samsung UN40KU6300 Review Summary

We learned several things in this Samsung UN40KU6300 review, but overall, we can simply say the Samsung UN40KU6300 is one of the best 4K TVs for the price!