8K will have twice the resolution of 4k tv
8K vs 4K

What is 4k Resolution?

3840 x 2160 (for Home Theater)

4096 x 2160 (for Movie Theaters)


That number is for the cinema version of 4k resolution.  There is no true standard 4k resolution for home theater.  However typically home theater 4k resolutions are double that of 1080P.  And since 1080P resolution is 1920×1080, that means 4k is roughly around 3840 x 2160.

4k Resolution:  Twice the resolution but 4x the content?

2000px-Progressive_scan_hdtv.svgSo they say 4k has 4x as much detail as 1080p.  How does this work if 4k resolution is only 2x that of 1080p?  This is because not only is the horizontal resolution of 4k twice that of 1080p, but the vertical resolution of 4k is 2x that of 1080p as well.

This basically comes out to 2^2, or 2 x 2, or simply 4.  It’s the same logic that says if you double the length and width of your living room, you’ll have 4x the square footage you did before.

4k Resolution:  Overkill for Home Theater – or Eye Candy for Days?

2000px-Digital_cinema_formats.svgBut since movie theater screens are MUCH larger than home theater screens, they need that extra resolution.  This is in contrast to a home theater screen, which doesn’t “need” as many pixels since you’re sitting close to the screen.

Some argue that the pixels of 1080p are small enough to not be visible to the naked eye.  This is where those same people argue that 4k resolution is overkill for home theater.

4k Resolution Links:

  1. Wikipedia’s 4k resolution page
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4k vs. 1080P

Resolution_Comparison_ChartWhen put up next to eachother, 4k resolutuion and 1080P resolution do have some major visible differences.  Some skeptics claim that the pixels of 1080P are small enough that 4k resolution doesn’t help – but viewing a 4k demo in an electronics store sure does look nice.

The key is getting 4k video content to max out the potential of your 4k TV.

How do I get a 4k TV?

4K Resolution enables us to view movies and TV on huge screens (like this 120" Curved UHD 4k TV) and still have stunning clarity!
4K Resolution enables us to view movies and TV on huge screens (like this 120″ Curved UHD 4k TV) and still have stunning clarity!

As of October 2015, save up about $300 and go to WalMart.com.  Or save up a bit more and get one from Amazon that hundreds of people have reviewed.  Either way, getting a cheap 4k TV is becoming easier and easier.

How do I get 4k Video content?

  • Stream 4k Video
  • Buy 4k Blu Ray Discs and a 4K Blue Ray Player

Sample 4k Video

4k Resolution Link 1:  4k video clip center (has free 4k demo videos)

4k Resolution Link 2:  4k sample clip on Youtube